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"Being able to reorganise the information is the key, and the ability to layer the information, to me it's the next frontier. For an exhibit, you take the way information is given to you, it might be too much text or too little, Xpeseum allows the control of depth of information, I think it is definitely the way to go." 
- Deborah Horowitz, Managing Director
Creative Content and Programming Academy Museum
“Xpeseum can help create a more immersive and interactive experience with our museum visitors. At the CHSA Museum, our goal is to educate the public about the history and experiences of the Chinese in America. We are always looking for new ways to bridge the gaps of culture, language, and educational background between our local and international visitors. Xpeseum has the potential to increase our engagement with our visitors.”
- Amy Lam, Designer
Chinese Historical Society of America
“I am very intrigued and impressed with the potential of Xpeseum. I can definitely see the advantages of it when integrated into the average museum-goer’s experience. Many traditional tours are simply based on audio, but Xpeseum offers a level of personal interaction with art works that is not currently accessible to the public. I feel that users will not only enjoy a unique experience, but more importantly gain a deeper understanding of the artists and art works themselves. … It was a privilege to witness firsthand what Xpeseum has accomplished thus far with such an innovative piece of technology.”

- Stephanie Hsiung, Program Assistant

International Art Museum of America, San Francisco

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