The Xpeseum Team

Our team was founded at Challenge Lab in University of California Berkeley. We share a common passion of applying augmented reality devices for education purposes, and what better way to apply this technology to museums, with so much content and knowledge to offer and share to the world.

On top of our own team, we have advisors and mentors that have greatly contributed to our progress and success. We would like to acknowledge them.


Jia Rong Chew, Chief Executive Officer

As a natural leader, she unites the team and builds a culture that gives everyone a mission. Being visionary, she is also sharp to pick out opportunities and point the team in the right direction. She is now a Junior studying Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley.


Shao Ying Lam, Chief Marketing Officer

With a strong business sense and background in marketing, she has a keen eye for market trends and spotting market opportunities, especially for new emerging markets like that of augmented reality. She is currently a Junior, studying Chemical Engineering in UC Berkeley.


Hui Jie Tey, Chief Finance Officer

She has experience dealing with financial statistics and forecasts, and has a clear and realistic business sense and strong instincts. With that, she strategizes business models that are vital for the company's growth. She is currently a Junior pursuing Chemical Engineering in UC Berkeley.


Tommy Yong, Chief Technology Officer

Tommy is a gifted engineer who values user-centered technology. As a fast learner, Tommy is able to adapt to different technology changing climates and focus on delivering the best technology and content. He is also a Junior pursuing Chemical Engineering in UC Berkeley.


Amy Liu, Chief Software Designer

A designer by passion, and currently a junior in computer engineering in University of California, Berkeley. Amy unleashes her ability as a software designer to create 3D animations and imaging. She is now a Junior Year studying Computer Science in UC Berkeley.


Our Partner

Seebright owns the patent-pending head-mounted display and viewing. The display can be used for casual gaming, training, education and media controller that is well suited for augmented and virtual reality applications. For more information, feel free to check out their website:

John Murray

Co-founder and CTO. Co-inventor of Seebright headset and remote control & co-author of Flash: Building the Interactive Web

Advisor of Xpeseum.


Wayne Torres-Rivera

Developer Community Manager. University of Baltimore, B.S. Simulation and Digital Entertainment. Undergraduate Study: Augmented Reality.

Advisor of Xpeseum.