Xpeseum aims to captivate and engage people with interactive and immersive
museum experiences. With Xpeseum, we believe museum experiences will never be the same again. 

Xpeseum provides augmented reality solutions for museums. Using the Seebright head-mounted display set, our mobile application aims to eliminate boundaries to learning and bring a new dimension with augmented reality experience to give a unique perspective to museum visitors. 

The application coupled with the headset will guide users to view the exhibitions in your museum in-situ with 3D themed imaging and information.


Content Creation

Tell your stories with 3D imaging, compelling videos, and animations and let museums come alive! Let viewers immerse in the world 3D animation presents.


Image Recognition

Viewers can activate augmented reality content magically in front of exhibits. Works even for multiple viewers at once.


User Friendly

Joystick control with easy to use interface allows the personal selection of content. This means viewers can control the depth of learning as they desire.


Motion Tracking

Interact with the exhibits as the exhibit responds to your head motion. Our technology enables close tracking with high accuracy. View artefacts in 360 degrees and see unforeseen details! 


Solutions Provider

We know museums have huge collections of amazing content to share. That's why you can showcase additional content easily without the limitation of space. 

Reorganizing content is also made much simpler with customizable experiences.


Customizable Content

As a software developer, we know how important it is to keep updated and relevant. That's why we want to provide you with the services to update or change up your AR content from time to time, season to season.